I need testers & feedback

I’m working an a 3d first person dungeon crawler, inspired by Disillusion.
This is a very early version of the game I made in about 2 days, I just want to know if there are any bugs or things I could improve.
If possible I would also like to hear suggestions for the future development (story, setting, gameplay, etc.).

Right=Look right
Left=Look left

The game

Hi. It seems like a good basis for a dungeon crawler. Nice music.

There seems to be a timing issue. The sword attack takes a couple of seconds, so it seems like a very slow arm wave as opposed to an attack. Turning 360 degrees also takes a full 10 seconds.

Attack sounds seem not to be preloaded.

The lack of texture filtering leads to some heavy moiree patterns. I would either clean up the textures or enable filtering.

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Not that I, myself, am an expert, or ever am going to be an expert, but your art needs a single definitive style. The back wall in the image is metal with complex shading details, and the life bar includes a ruby in the same style (or is it an actual human heart?) The floor is pretty good, too. But from what I can see if the enemy way back there by the door?, he has an irregular outline both inside his edges and around, but he isn’t fully outlined. I don’t know your story here, but if one of your enemies is a playing card, also not matching the background style, there has to be a story behind it or it is just strange and random, as if your game takes place in a dreamscape. Or all your enemies could be playing cards and that could be a major mechanic, but that obviously isn’t the case. you asked for feedback. I think you should choose a uniform art style, or else choose a better image for your big introductory sort of image, if you can obtain one. If you can’t obtain one because your game isn’t big enough yet, then the art style probably needs fixed a bit. People play games built deliberately. If it looks like you just pulled lots of random assets out of an asset store, it looks undeliberate, quickly done, and above all, sketchy, as if you’re going to take it down as soon as you make enough money, or else are pouring your efforts into a totally unseen other area of the game, like hidden viruses or something. I don’t think that’s your intentions at all, really. But that’s the sort of game that people not only expect to be poorly made, but are more to mistrust.

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