I published a game on poki

https://poki.com/en/preview/e0f8474b-c65d-4bdd-a8e1-30a4d64270f8/612b7df7-5da2-4065-a17a-9b6edf64e5ca please play it because you might get selected for playtest

Man you just reuploaded a template :skull:

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Do snart work not hard work

In that case, (ignoring the fact that this was no work at all,) that is neither smart nor hard :person_shrugging: Doing that won’t get you anywhere or get you any success lol

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Just wait and watch the chaos happen

They are template so community can access it but its not like I or the developer has a patent on it bruh

Publishing a game template is as snart as it sounds lmao

Bruh @insein its snart