I released the demo of my first game

Hi! I just published the demo of the first game I made with Gdevelop. It is a shoot 'em up titled Mabel vs. Forces of Hell. I would appreciate any feedback you could give me. Thanks in advance!

Link: Mabel vs. Forces of Hell DEMO by LuisGuallar



Hey! Now you can also play in your web browser!



I checked your game and I think it is pretty cool. I like specifically that the bullets have an impact on the environment (lanterns, cars, house walls etc.).

A few critical points in my opinion:

  1. The controls. Movement is on the directions and shooting is on z. It took me some time to figure that out and it is not really pleasant to play like that.
  2. Enemies should have some knockback when hit by a bullet (same for player character).
  3. Shooting and explosions need better sounds. There should be also some sound for destroying the lanterns and other background objects.
  4. I didn’t like the music a lot. An option to change the volume and to turn the music completely off would be nice.
  5. In my play I encountered three different enemy types. Although they have different attacks and health, they feel very similar. All of them are no serious threat for the player at the moment. Maybe they could have different movement speeds and patterns?
  6. There is no limitation of the bullets and that’s probably okay. The problem is that there is no feeling of tension. This could be maybe changed if the player has to reload manually?
  7. Enemies should more often occur from different directions.

It is obvious that you have already put some effort in many details of the game, nevertheless more juice is necessary (a little bit of screenshake, bullet impact, sound etc.). It seems you took some inspiration from the good old fighting games (Streets of Rage, Final Fight). Even though their fighting mechanic is different, maybe you could also try to figure out how these games managed enemy encounters and level dramaturgy.
And I think you need a story. Nothing deep, just an explanation why the forces of hell are walking through the streets and what Mabel’s mission is (why is she on the street and where did she get her gun?).

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Hi Drona!
Thanks for play the demo, and for your feedback.
Obviously the game is still in development and some elements have not yet been included. I am currently working on new enemies and different variations of the basic ones(skeletons with shields, demons that run…). Don’t worry, the final game will have a story :wink:
I think I included the basic controls on the title screen, but they don’t look right in the browser. In the final version, I may offer more options, or the possibility of configuring the controls. I like the idea of ​​change the volume option.
Anyway, thank you very much for your opinions. This will help me improve the game and adjust the difficulty in the most appropriate way.

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Génial, j’adore.

Coup de nostalgie! Ca m’a rappelé Double Dragon que je jouais sur Amiga.
Un mode 2 joueurs serait top !


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Hi again!

I have updated the Demo and uploaded a new version full of new features.
You can play in your browser here!: https://luisguallar.itch.io/mabel

I appreciate your feedback, of course!