I started making a grand strategy game :)

This is my first day on these forums and my third post so I’m really new to the forums
I have some issues with the game and I posted them in How Do I? but almost 2 hours passed and nothing so if you want to help they are the first posts in How Do I?

I’m very new, so sorry if this post is spam, I don’t really know the rules. You can just tell me if posting this in Games showcase is spam, I felt like it was the best section to put it in… :slight_smile:

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Hi, welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Most of the rules are here

Mods may have other guidelines or requests that aren’t listed; they’ll let you know if there’s something. You’ll definitely want to avoid topics that are pretty much about the same thing.

When posting for help, just try to be patient. I know sometimes you might really want or need an answer fast, especially when you’re excited to make progress on completing your game. There are members here from all over the globe though, so sometimes the person (or people) that can answer your question may live outside of your timezone and will see it later because they might be working, sleeping, etc. Try to give it a day or so. Sometimes you might get lucky on timing and a reply will be posted right away too.


okay thanks :slight_smile: