I wanna be the Engine: GDevelop Edition


A recreation of I wanna be the Engine trial in GDevelop (with minor changes)

This engine includes:

  • Custom platforming engine (No Platformer Character behavior)
  • Accurate physics*
  • Moving Platforms
  • Simple ‘Trigger’ trap system
  • All tiles are here
  • A custom extension to help make menus (because there are no pre-made menus.)


There are still a few problems (Platforms are jank, especially vertically moving platforms) but I hope to fix these at some point in the future.



Left Shift to jump and double jump

Z to shoot

R to reset

Q to suicide

Esc/Alt-F4 to quit

F2 to restart the program


*Normal IWBTG engines are 50 fps but due to GDevelop’s limitations this engine is 60 fps