I won prize in calendar event and i would wish to donate it to other user. Can i?

So i won

But for me winning alone is a prize itself
I would wish to donate it to some other random user so he could feel happiness of getting something
If it is possible i do not need to select any user it can be random one

So again is it possible to donate/give this reward to someone else?


That’s a great gesture. I hope you are able to find a recipient who could do with the asset pack.

Not a gesture
I am just to old for it
Even if i would won 1 year gold subscription i would wish to give it away
I would be more happy if this prize would bring smile to someone face than if i would just keep it

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I’m curious, how old does that make you, if you’re too old :grin:?

Soon to be 38
I just do not get happy anymore for item i get (this prize or in real life)
But for the fact i get something
So if i can make someone else happy with it i think that would be right thing to do