I'd like your opinion on a particular mechanic in my platformer game


I need your opinion. I’m making a platformer game where the player can acquire a equipment and eventually freeze some enemies. When these enemies are jumping or flying and are frozen, I activate the platformer character behavior so that they fall to the ground.

The problem is: some levels have water. And when the ice cube with enemy inside falls into it, I believe it should float on the water even with the enemy inside. But it’s not easy to make it float. And to make matters worse, enemies frozen underwater will also need to emerge.

I’m spending time on something that has no direct relevance to the gameplay, because this ice won’t be a platform, that is, it will only be a defeated enemy in the scenario.

My questions are: Would it be really weird if I made this ice cube sink into the water? :eyes:
Or would it be weird if frozen enemies, even jumping/flying, didn’t fall when are frozen?

IMO, frozen enemies should drop from the sky. It would be nice if they also slide a bit when they’re on a platform.

As for the water, IDK. Sink, float, splash or even air bubbles. That’s up to you. I don’t think one stragedy is better than another. If they sank, I don’t think they would need to resurface.

There are some things that the average user expects. There are some things that don’t pay attention to. Personally, I love the extra attention to detail. It’s what makes games special. It sets them apart. I love Easter Eggs and random idle animations.

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You are right! It would be very strange if the ice cubes were flying…

They already splash, the water moves (it’s not a great animation, but moves) and them they sink slowly. The thing is, I think an ice cube would float in water even with a body inside. That’s why I wonder if making it sink would look so weird and wrong. But trying to make the cube float is proving to be a very difficult task… :exploding_head:

Me too. I’m going to keep working on the ice and see what I can do best.

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Hi Rasterisko

What’s going wrong with the floating? If you do have it sink, as long as the water is transparent it will be okay.

Here is an old project of mine. It shows a basket of objects floating on the water. I have a blue background with a light blue wave object in front with opacity reduced to 100. Both the wave and the basket have the sine behavior. The new version of that is ellipse behavior I think.


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Hello, Bubble!

Yes, my water is a bit transparent.

I’ve already tested the sine movement, but after the ice falls into the water and I disable the platform character behavior and activate the sine movement the ice is “teleported” to the location where it was created. :thinking: I’m now testing the shake object extension.

I think my biggest difficulty will be when the ice is created underwater and needs to emerge. I don’t know exactly when to stop it. I’ll probably use the platformer character behavior to move up, as it may collide with some platform when it’s emerging.

Another difficulty I have is rarely knowing when to use the event repeat for each instance. Usually I create my code without this kind of event and when something goes wrong I start running tests using this type of event until it works. :face_with_peeking_eye:

After all, I’ll test on my phone the performance. I don’t think I’ll have any problems since I’ll disable platform character behavior after the ice falls or emerges.

Hi Rasterisko, you probably have it solved by now but I was wondering about the enemy and the ice cube. You gve the platformer behavior to the ice but this conflicts with the sine behavior. What about the enemy? What behavior do they have? Could the enemy get the platform behavior and the ice cube just gets the sine behavior?

Hello again, Bubble :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, it’s not done yet. My biggest question was whether the enemy inside an ice cube should sink or float. Not because it’s more convenient and easier to do, but I came to the conclusion that it would probably sink. So the whole challenge of making it float was aborted for now. The little bit of code I was preparing I saved in case I change my mind again, haha.

Now I use the Platformer Character Behavior to make the ice falls and the ShakeObject Extension to make a better effect when the ice collides with the water. For now I haven’t seen any problems using the two behaviors together.

Oh, and I made the ice an object separate from all enemies. I thought it would be simpler and add fewer variables to the enemies. So when they’re frozen, I just delete them and create the ice.

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