Ideas for extensions to make - the sequel

I’m making a new topic so we can start things clean.

Do you have any ideas for reusable concepts I can use to make a new extension? Ideas/concepts that I did not already covered in this topic preferably.

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Hi Reborn, I would be interested in an inverse sprite masking extension. I’ve been thinking of asking in the forum if anyone had any ideas, so this is a good place to start.

The current masking extension is written in javascript and the mask is used to show the object. But there are times when the reverse would be good with the mask hiding the object. For example in this rough drawing of transparent line art, when the bear is behind the tree it is still visible. If there was an inverse mask on the tree trunk then the bear would be partly hidden.

I would like a simpler and more advanced saving system:

  1. Save slots like in an RPG.
  2. Each save actually saves twice, creating an internal backup. When the game is launched, it loads the last save. If it fails, it loads the backup (I created a function like this, but it’s long, not suitable for beginners, and perhaps not optimized).

Someone recently asked for a faster saving system suitable for beginners!

Huh thats basically z-order

Oh you mentioned transparent line art, but the problem is that the Object Masking extension literally just calls a function already existing in the PIXIjs render, while I probably would have to make some hard tech from scratch

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There are already many extensions inventory-related in GDevelop, I’m sure making a new one would only make beginners have to decide which one to use.

Uh the save system is already fast, since the content it is saving is literally just text anyway, and I never saw it failing, not sure what they experienced, but that is not the normal.

I’m into javascript stuff, like messing with object picking, for example, an extension that picks objectA not linked to objectB

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For example, I just made rn an extension that allows you to get the values of effects properties using expressions or conditions.

This is the kind of stuff I search for to make, things that are useful but not on the engine.

Now that I think of, I should also make so it can get layer effects too.