Ideas to make it better

tldr summary of my thread topic:

  • this should be 1920 * 1080

  • or dont put this bad tut on the internet, simple

  • put better tuts on the internet for newbiess thx

  • dont put bad tuts on the internet that is not using w/e is default in app

  • good tuts would use w/e is default in app - or the defaults are bad and need to be made better thx

    • good tuts would use w/e is default in app
    • or the defaults are bad and need to be made better thx

pls have someone else do the tuts in future would be much better thx


how many ppl about make this thing

is there anywhere to put in things that could be made better

why isnt 1920 * 1080 default, this seems like an unncessary step

  1. file > create > new project

  2. pick save where

  3. on top left corner blue icon > click that

  4. resolution pick 1920 * 1080

  5. on right side click 'add object

  6. click ‘sprite’

honestly it is not easy to understand your post (what the exact problem is etc.).

Because games have different resolutions and why should 1920 x 1080 be the default and not any other?

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It’s because on each era/generation of gaming/technological progress there is kinda NOT default but mostly used resolution

Like for windows 98 it was 800x600
While for XP it was 1024x768

Which was dictated by what monitors (laptops) ppl had at the time
It was NOT a standard it was just what most ppl actually had and what mostly was used

In same fashion most games now have support for xbox controllers while around 2000 it was kinda wild west
Nowdays most 3rd party controllers are detected as xbox controllers or something compatible

We could also argue here about aspect ration
But it “standard” was also dictated by what TV’s/monitors were currently sold at the time
Then we get panoramic TV’s and smartphones but kinda still 16x9 is the most commonly used one

So again it’s not a matter of OP suggesting what should be used just because
But matter of what is actually commonly used at this point in time (at least that’s my guess)
And he would still be closest to the truth here with his resolution pick
I think in like few years 4k resolution (4096x2160) will be the standard in same exact case

Hi, I agree in general. But just because monitors support 1920 * 1080 or higher does not mean that all games are made in this resolution. For example not many people would make a pixelart game with a resolution of 1920 * 1080.

Changing the resolution to whatever values you want is a matter of a few clicks at the beginning of your project. This may be inconvenient for some users but its the same for those who choose a different ratio for their screen or a smaller resolution. This is pretty normal for any other game engine.

Personally I would not mind if 1920 * 1080 is the default value but I doubt that anyone else than OP would consider this as a huge improvement (and OP may even change their opinion after having some experience with Gdevelop or another engine).

Probably cause a PC resolution on a mobile system is unnecessary and will slow it down regardless.

Assuming a lot of people are making mobile games.

And i agree with you here 100%
But on other hand ppl who make pixel perfect games use zoom in functions anyway

And now ask yourself why why programs like GIMP or Aseprite or any other program in which you can draw something have option to set default size for new canvas/image?

I mean of course all your images wont be exact same size which anyway you can change later
But why it’s there?

And let that be the best answer i can give

These programs offer a higher degree of customization, but they are not game engines. I opened Godot and the default resolution of the screen window is 1024 x 600 (Wide Super VGA). In the browser version of Construct 3 it is 584 x 480 and it seems in GameMaker it is indeed 1920 x 1080.

But aside from that a lot of 2D games, not only pixel art games or games for mobiles, use a smaller base size than the native resolution of desktop monitors (just check the example games of Gdevelop).

Anyway, as mentioned before, most users have probably no problem to make two clicks, scroll a bit down and enter the resolution they desire once at the beginning of their project. Whether default values of 1920 x 1080 “make it better” as OP implied is up to everyone to decide for themselves.

Selecting the size doesn’t bother me but perhaps a different version of this request would be:
Allow the user to save whatever size they want as their default.

    1. Change size
    1. Select a checkbox to set this as my default size

OW i do not advocate for 1920x1080 i just advocate for SOMETHING there

I would be more happy if we would simply have like few resolutions to pick from
Which would make more sense then suggesting any

Even to go as far as suggesting what would be good resolution for what game
And then what Bubble suggested above
Option to set some resolution as default

Are you saying that the video tutorials are bad just because you recommend 1080p or is there any real reason to say that they are bad?

I need to know if I should moderate your vehement post as a purely insulting post to the author of the videos or a well-founded criticism. Please let me know if I should moderate your insults or if you can if moderate your words.