Illusion Survival - Project Infinity

Hello everyone! Finally, I finished my mini project with GDevelop! :smiley: I lost in my “Ocean Of Game Project” a long time, also abandoned a lot projects, but this project is expert. This project is very simple, hope you like it. :wink:

Anyway, special thanks a lot for GDevelop and GDevelop community(Like Lizard-13, Mats and so on.), really thanks you. :smiley:

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In case it is your first working game It a nice start but otherwise I would not consider it finished.

My problem is that you can not win or complete the game (can you?).
Whatever I try those red dudes just keep spawning and destroy that thing sooner or later.
Also, there is not much game to play. Basically I just stand in the middle, hold the left mouse button and rotate around and try to shoot the ones that are moving closest… At least it was my strategy and this way my personal best was 487 kill for the second try.
Also no high score in case all the game is about to kill as many enemies as possible and survive as long as you can.

But overall I find it interesting. It could be turned in to a tower defence kind of game where you need to protect a core, place obstacles on the map (in-game) to try to manipulate the movement of the enemy and build a defence strategy while you keep this techno/neon/tron visuals.

Hey, thanks ddabrahim for your playing, your comment and suggest. :smiley: Ya~This is completed, but I tagged this “Early Access” on Gamejolt. This is why I said few features will add. But you suggest me some idea, I will make can win’s mini mission(Like killing 500 zombie to win and more), also future update I added landmine, I think this can get more defence strategy in this game now. Anyway, I will do my best. :wink:

Hey, it’s a nice game so far, especially the graphics. :slight_smile:

I understand the difficulties when it comes to making a really fun game (usually means more complex) and you already have received some suggestions, so whatever you can implement in the future to enhance gameplay (hopefully not too complicated to make), it will help for sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks kalel. :smiley: I now very focus on gameplay element, graphics is second, but I remade armored zombie’s texture, this is added at future update. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone :smiley: . I released new update v1.1 today, check it up!
-Added landmine
-Added terror zombie
-Added terror zombie’s kaboom effect
-Added grenade & landmine’s icon(Display available or empty)
-Added game mode “Challenge”
-Added “Bloodbath” challenge
-Added word type health display
-Added two new resolution(1024x768 and 1280x1024)

-Remade armored zombie graphic
-Reduced armored zombie spawning time to 7 per seconds
-Reduced weapon’s rate of fire to 0.15 per seconds
-Lower in-game music volume to 80

-Improved explosion’s killed scores problem

This is big update! I hard work on this version, added few features to this game. I focus on gameplay, but look like losing smooth control feel. :confused: If you have any problem or feedback, please comment or pm me, also hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween! :smiley: I released new Illusion Survival version today, called “Halloween Hour”. I take my free time to make this Halloween version. Basically, I only use Halloween’s front 2 days to make this, yap, this is very busy work. I know this is no very perfect, but hope you like this.

Halloween version’s features(Only this version):
-New title
-New main theme
-Changed all object textures
-Changed all illusion characters and enemies wearing pumkin head(Except zombie dog and tester)

General update’s features:
-Added “Present” scene
-Added “Customize”, “Character” & “Weapon” button
-Added “Female” illusion character and tester
-Restored back “Health Restore System” delete since v1.1 development version.
-Changed game function
-Reduce little bit unnecessary disk usage

Gamejolt: … ity/250162
Itch: … t-infinity

excelent, I also wanted to do something like the game you know?
however congratulations, for the graphic part really a particular thing as soon as possible I will download it to try it, good-looking.

Thanks LucaTexas, hope you can make a great game on game development life. :smiley:

v1.2.1 (Rebuild)
-Improved all weapons’ performance

v1.2 (Rebuild)
-Added “Current Weapon” display at weapon menu
-Added “Sub Machine Gun” weapon
-Added “Combat Shotgun” weapon
-Added “Markman Rifle” weapon

-Improved “Assault Rifle” image
-Improved “Hint” content
-Improved all weapon type information

-Fixed female tester doing wrong animation when first time
-Fixed some menu haven’t background music

Hello everyone, here is early Chirstmas gift (Major update)! I hard work on weapon system on this version, added last feature to this game. If you have any problem or feedback, please comment or pm me, also hope you like it. :slight_smile: And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :wink:

About future update:
Yap, this is last main update(Maybe) on this game(Illusion Survival - Project Infinity). I started a new project one month ago, this project also is a simple top down survival game, but this project is different on this game(Illusion Survival - Project Infinity). So, I will quiet a long time without game development news when I ready release new project demo or full game, but I still activity on game
community. :wink:

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