I'm getting no notification about private messages.

I have just noticed, for some reason I get no notification in email if I have a private message in my inbox. I also didn’t get any notification about the system message 4ian sent to everyone to request videos. Not sure if it only me or the forum is broken or am I missing some options I need to turn on?

It worked before :confused:

Yep I was wondering the same some time ago… No notifications.
Maybe off topic:
And about that when they asked videos, 4ian did not bothered to answer my question about which kind of videos they wanted to, long video that they can edit or ready short already edited video. I had the video and waited the answer. Next thing I saw in discord that they already made the video and there was my game Tundmatu. That’s cool but they took video from youtube that shows very early version of the game :laughing:

If you sent him a PM maybe he didn’t get a notification either :smiley:
For some reason 4ian felt like he need to release GD on itch.io as soon as possible, finally he even released GD as beta even on itch.io while the whole point was to celebrate the final release of 5.0… Uncertain what happened there :stuck_out_tongue:
I think that video should be made in a free video editor and made open-source maintained by 4ian, so for example you could go ahead and add you video to the mix, replace the old capture and 4ian could decide to render a new video with the new content. But as I mentioned 4ian seemed to be in a hurry with the itch.io release, so I did not bothered to make this suggestion…

That makes no sense, but I hope there was some good reasons behind that decision :smiley:

That would be a good thing.

Must be in very hurry.
He should only click my channel and see is there any fresher footage of the game that would took maybe 1 minute :unamused: Oh well, maybe I’ll send the files right away without hesitation if something similar happens in the future :unamused:

Check your board preferences, make sure the “Notify me on new private messages” is enabled.

It is enabled :confused: