I'm making a Sonic Framework for GDevelop

Hi everyone! I’ve been as good as dead on these forums for a while, but for good reason! 1. Is because I currently have a bigger interest in 3d animation/modeling in blender than game dev, so that’s my priority. 2. Is one a lot of you might be interested in. You might have heard of the sonic extension for GDevelop right? It’s a really cool extension made by a really talented guy named Kxnnoir, (check out his youtube here) it basically turns our plain old boring platformer extension into a sonic physics engine! Problem is, (and no offense) its really, REALLY, REALLY lacking in features. Also, Kxnnoir has no need of continuing to update and improve the sonic extension. Even through the MASSIVE help Kxnnoir has given to the Sonic fangame community, it doesn’t even come CLOSE to something like the Sonic frameworks for Construct, Clickteam Fusion, HECK even Godot!

so that’s why I’m making my own.

Introducing: untitled sonic framework! (no, thats not a joke. help and give me an actual name please…)

It features an improved Sonic Extension that fixes a lot of physics bugs (wall clipping is no joke!). SURE, that’s something anyone could do on a Saturday night, but it also adds A LOT MORE. Full sonic move set like the spindash, super peel out, etc. It also has rings, enemies, and I am going to add the power ups soon. It’s still not quite ready to release a demo due to me being very VERY bad at coding and leaving 100,000,000 bugs, (rough estimate) but expect a VERY BAREBONES alpha sometime around SAGE 2024.

I’ll keep you updated!