I'm new here. Hello!

Just announcing that I’m new here, and to using GDevelop. This software seems neat, and I like that it’s open source. I’m just trying to get a feel for how it works right now and see what kinds of games I might be able to make with its 3D capabilities. I’m not a programmer by trade, so the event based nature of it seems useful for someone like me.


Welcome. Old man here (41) and pretty new to GDevelop also.

Despite my age and inability to code, I’m creating something, thanks to this engine. That means you have more chances than me to learn and create something good.

If you like 3D, I recommend you some YouTube channels as Queue The Game Dev and Enjoy Making Games (aka Pandako), even if they use the 3D extension by Pandako, some mechanics can be used even with the GDevelop’s native 3D.


Thanks for the recommendations, Antonio. I’ve been watching Queue The Game Dev’s video on 3rd person cameras and trying it out myself as it turns out. It seemed like as good a place to start as any other I saw. I’ll need to check out Pandako’s channel later.


Hi everyone! That’s great!