Im working on a new Game!

So I haven’t been on here in a hot minute, and that’s cause I’m busy with college. In my free time though, I am working on a brand new game! Its a metroidvania and I’m not using any extensions of Gdevelop Other than the Platformer and Pathfinding extensions built into Gdevelop! It’s gonna be a long Journey but It’ll be worthwhile! Heres the current MC sprite



That’s cool bruh, good luck with your game :+1::+1:

Nice to see your still making games, even after 2 years

Thanks man, I plan on giving updates starting today. I wanted to make the mechanics from scratch this time.

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Ah man, metroidvania’s are kickass! I hope it comes along nicely bud!

It’s going great! you actually caught me as I was finishing up my first update on its development. so if you wanna hear how thats going feel free!

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That sounds awesome! I just came off of Ender Lilies so my Metroidvania itch is still going strong; I’m just heading out for a wee while but I’d love to hear more! I also like your MC design too; getting Vivi vibes from Final Fantasy IX!

I approve of this art style :stuck_out_tongue: …wonder why… haha

Cant wait to see your game and try it out! …by the art style its already looking right up my alley :slight_smile:

Good luck!!

That’s awesome to hear! Good luck with both your studies and your game development!