Importing fonts makes the game freeze

Each time a text is printed on the screen it freezes for half a second. The longer the text the monger the game freezes.

Can you please be more specific? The wording “Importing fonts” in the topic title implies that it is related to inserting a font to the text object at the editor, but your post implies that it is a bug happening at the preview, also, there are several types of text objects present on the engine, and you didn’t specify which one you are using.

Behaviors that the object is using (if any), and a picture of the eventsheet may help, maybe it can not be related to the text action but to any other event that runs when the text of the object changes.

sorry for the wording. It’s just the font of the text that I imported. See below

Wow thats a fancy name for a font, is its resolution very high? Also can you check if that lag happens with a basic font like Arial?

not sure you understand… it is a font

I know it is a font, but is it very high quality? It can be a reason for the lag.

oh sorry. The italic one is pretty simple and did cause a lag too with a single word as text. I can try a basic font … But that would mean we are limited to basic font?

no lag with a basic font. So we can’t use nice fonts?

I guess, because GDevelop implies that the traditional text object is not performant. (It says Bitmap Text is the best for performance)

I tried bitmap font ONCE
i never used any other text object in my projects

Convert TTF Font to Bitmap Font

1 - ON LEFT Click Add Font File
2 - ON LEFT Change Font Size to 20-30 (60-80 if it’s NOT Pixel Art)
3 - ON LEFT Change Sharp from 80% to 100%
4 - ON RIGHT Change Color from Black to White
5 - Click Export
6 - Click Save

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