Importing Steam SDK to GDevelop Games

@4ian, This has been a hot topic on discord amongst @Bouh, @arthuro555, me and other GDevelopers(its a better term than ‘users’ :slight_smile: ); As we know Steam by valve is a popular marketplace where many game engines and Games are published and sold, Hence I think GDevelop should have support for Steam SDK and more importantly should be available on Steam. It was already discussed in How to release GDevelop on Steam. but I couldn’t find a solution about it.
If you are interested in adding the support for both, then we may further discuss it. Honestly, I think it would be cool for GDevelop as a game engine and not-to-mention Its popularity will significantly increase and who know if Gdevleop ends in the top 10 list or any of its games do end up in the chart then that would be very beneficial for GDevelop both financially and morally.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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in my opinion it would be too early. GDevelop is not mature enough. Need more polishing and bug fixing. Need to stop adding new features and should spend some time polishing. :+1:


How about 0 down the Issue tracker first on GitHub?

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It’s too soon for me, yeah it’s a cool idea and something interesting for game makers.
But the advanced game maker achive already to add steam in their game.
And it’s fine to do like this for know.

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I think it’s something important for the engine popularity and visibility in the game dev community. GDevelop does not have 0 bugs, but other game engines have issues too and GDevelop has several indie game already published, including on Steam.
I’ll try to find some time to set up the page for it.

For Steam SDK, it’s a feature request like any other - depends on how much it’s asked by the community.


Thanks a lot @4ian, its highly appreciated :slight_smile:

I just want to say that, if you release an update on steam just once that breaks the game of someone, makes the project corrupted, be prepared to get raped on the Steam forums and if you think what I just wrote was unpolite and not acceptable, you should seriously reconsider a Steam release.

Steam is a battlefield and the Steam community is savage and a release may going to bring some of the trolls here, we can try to handle them of course but you and the mods need to prepare the ban button :+1:


I don’t think it is quite extreme as ddabrahim mentions, but it can get pretty bad.

However, there are numerous options to lock down/disable posting rights on Steam Community forums for your release, which may be worthwhile especially if it’s not the main/intended discussion point.


Do you mean cave mans raging on the forum and wish cancer to everyone if something doesn’t work and fan boys of other engines trolling and calling people noob if they don’t know something? That is not extreme it is reality. Steam is the worst community ever. It is a PvP community. People all day long killing zombies and each other in PvP titles then with that very few brain cells they have left they are trying to make games but they can’t obviously and starts to rage on the forums.

Even if you lock the Steam community page, I can guarantee that some of them will find their way here if not because something is wrong, they do exactly because “why Steam is locked you m** f** a** *** -** -**” and the only way to deal with them is ban them. Maybe 4ian should also consider to manually approve the first few posts of new comers after releasing on Steam, this is what many other forums do.

So far this community was lucky, as it is becoming more popular, the trolls going to find their way here too and Steam is their home, if you open the doors, you need to be ready for them that’s all I’m saying.

That’s indeed good remarks, it’s clear that I prefer to have the nice community of game creators that we have now than a community of immature gamers and all the problems associated with it :slight_smile:
Hopefully the fact that GDevelop is a a game development tool is already doing most of the filtering as only motivated people persist and stay in the community.

(If it’s too much work we can also back off and remove it from Steam). Thanks for the thoughts on this :slight_smile:


What I am worry about actually is that the fact it is require no coding and free going to attract them thinking they can easily and quickly make games. This is exactly what happened to the GameGuru community, trolls flooded the forums, scared people away and only very dedicated people left, now they begin to regenerate but the damage already been done. Now what they do is what I mentioned, they manually approve the first post of everyone to filter the trolls out before they can do any damage.

Other tools like Godot, GameMaker, CryEngine may did not had to deal with this since they do require coding and it was less attractive to zombie hunters maybe.

Let’s hope for the best :+1:

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To be Honest if we never try we’ll just never know!! Whatever the outcome is, I truly believe that it’s worth a try :smile:

Ah I remember. Poor guy was only trying to draw some attention to his tutorial videos and he begin to spam all over the wiki and I guess when he was asked to stop, he replied with the wrong attitude to the wrong person :rofl:
But also part of the story people did not appreciate his work, his tutorials was not very good indeed and when he asked for opinions people told him to stop doing tutorials altogether because his english was broken and his video editing was also not great, it was also not very nice from this community imo.

The way this community treated this guy at that very moment is exactly the kind of behaviour that I am actually worry about to spread and we need to avoid this at all cost. The reason he was banned for is a different story, not sure what reply he was given to 4ian and I don’t question that he deserved the ban but his behavior was definitely the result of the way he was treated by this community imo that should be not repeated again.


Well his got a thousand years left hope he makes it :joy: 3019.

If I can remember clearly only 1 person criticised his tutorial @arthuro555. Back then when he was rude (not anymore) when I started my videos were awful and I got a lot of criticism that never stopped me rather it helped in building me. So no one should freak out just because of criticism.

We can’t keep hiding, we can’t keep on hindering the growth of this engine over some trolls, sooner or later they will come it’s best we do this now.8

If I remember others also questioned what is the point of making the tutorials and such and was not very supportive but yeah, regardless how many people was involved we should try to be a bit more constructive next time. If someone have nothing constructive to say then should not say anything and people with destructive comments should be silenced (even if it a mod). This is the only way, you can go about this.

I’m not saying we should but worried 4ian and the mods may not going to be able to keep up with moderation and may even join the dark side you see and people going to be misunderstood and discriminated for certain reasons such as experience, knowledge, language, accent and can also happen the same to 4ian and gdevelop, if something is broken, doesn’t work as expected, people can go savage toward the person of the developers as well and not everyone can take this lightly for a long period of time.

All I’m saying with a Steam release, 4ian and the mode team need to be prepared to prevent this kind of behaviour to grow roots here, not just publish the Steam page then go for vacation because things can get really bad, very fast if key people are not active in that period of time.

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I would always be here as a moderator or not I won’t let that happen. I have seen a lot of trolls come and go on my channel(I was just a click away) and some other places. Tomorrow I celebrate 1 year of since I uploaded my first gdevelop tutorial :tada::confetti_ball: I have learnt a lot in this 1 year so I think we should take the risk. Trust me it’s gonna be worth it.


I really want to apologise because, well, I think I’ve never done it before even tho it’s been a while since I noticed I had a wrong behavior and try to correct it. I want it to be clear, I really am sorry for anything toxic I said in the past that might have hurt anyone.
I really love the GDevelop community because it was always so nice, with everyone being what they are, an awesome community, I’ve come to realize some time ago that I was one of the most toxic community member. I am aware that the words I said cannot be erased and that I cannot undo pain I may have given to people through them, but I really tried especially in the last months to improve myself. I take my role as moderator very seriously, and I am supposed to “be the example”, not be toxic.
Again I am really sorry if I hurt you in any way through anything I might have said it done.
I try everyday to improve myself to make that community a better place.

I am also sorry for making such a long post that could maybe have been wrapped up in one sentence, but I was never very good at talking especially with other people. I hope my apologies where clear enough and not too long :disappointed_relieved:


It’s okay you never really hurt me :blush:. Am sure those you hurt have forgiven you a long time ago. :blush: And you have done a great job as a moderator :+1::+1::+1:


@4ian, if you are ready for this then We may start discussing the approach, fortunately @arthuro555has already made a file for the integration of the Steam API,!5935&ithint=file%2Cdocx&authkey=!AHNTZ5VsnsNtaFA. Cheers :slight_smile:

Could we get this as an extension of the GDevelop extension repository? GitHub - GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions: Repository of behaviors, actions, conditions and expressions to be used in GDevelop for creating games

That’s a separate issue from getting GDevelop on Steam though, maybe we should fork the discussion in another thread.

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