[In Development / Dev Log, Now Ongoing Soft Launch] Stepping Stone Jack

My game, Stepping Stone Jack, is now in the “Soft launch” stage.

Gd.games page:

Itch.io page:


Thays pretty awesome man!

Why not upload what you have to start getting some feedback on the game? Id love it give it a try! :smiley:

…also… you might wanna get on adding sound effects, it might seem like a quick thing to do, but getting it just right might take you quite a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention it makes a world of difference!

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@MagicBiscuit - I agree that sound effects can make a world of difference!

I might upload it soon. It’ll probably be a version without sound effects yet, that I upload.

One thing I’m kind of deciding on is about getting GDevelop Gold because I thought I read that there’s a limit to the amount of feedback the creator can receive each day in the game portal if you don’t have it.

But I’m sure with enough thinking things through, I’ll get all the little technical details worked out. :blush:

I’m not making any guarantees yet, but I have a little list of “goals” for the game, and I think I’ll add “Having a build of it uploaded by next week” on my list of goals. The game seems to be playing pretty well when I tried it, but one thing I still want to do is playtest a little more first - which shouldn’t take too terribly long.

I also plan to kind of actively update this thread with the latest news on development - I said that it was a dev log, so I feel it makes sense to provide routine news updates on it and development.

Thanks for the post. :blush:

Im almost certain you dont need a subscription for the feedback.

You can always get it to support GDevelop and dedicated discord channel, that part is good :slight_smile:

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Well. The game is ready for a test run.

There’s a slight visual-related bug at the end of level 8-3 that I plan to have fixed in the next upload. If you encounter it, just play the game like you would normally until it advances you to the next level. I’ll probably upload the small correction to it tonight. Edit: I think I uploaded a fix.

I just played your game and it seems like a solid platformer :slight_smile:

You seem to really enjoy making the shadow effects, but without much interacting the loose the shine, try giving Jack a torch! …so that when he gets closer to dark places it lights up his path, should be fairly simple to add in and it will look pretty awesome.

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This is going exceptionally! I only noticed that the A button which shoots the carrot has a fairly lengthy cooldown of 2 seconds or so, I’m probably heavily biased but it seems a wee bit too long, like it feels a little too sluggish when waiting to shoot the large bunny enemies, though it’s probably just me haha. It it’s intended though to stop spam-shooting then ignore this haha!

To be fair though it’s all come together very well! I reeeally like your use of lighting, found meself just admiring it while I was hopping around haha. I really dig the large pink bunnies too, they’re awesome. When I get more time I’ll try n’ get through more levels!

I mirror too what MagicBiscuit mentions about the light too - if he has a light source, perhaps even in certain worlds/levels to keep it fresh, could add a whole new dimension to it! Noticed that the turtle has a moving light on him, that’s wicked! Keep it up!


@MagicBiscuit @Ulqiuo

Thanks. I love the suggestions & feedback both of you have on the game.

I’ve been doing some new things on the game, and will update as I add new features and development gets a bit further along.


New update at same page.

-Added sound effects for some of the actions
-Added light which follows.


Looking good :slight_smile: Keep it up!

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Excellent to see bud! Just left some proper feedback via the game page, took me this long to realise that’s possible haha! Apologies in advance!

Looking forward to seeing where this is going!

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