[In early development] Stepping Stone Jack 2: Vigilante

First, some news:

-The full version of Stepping Stone Jack: Director’s Cut is now on version 1.0.6, and now has a Linux version release as well.

-The sequel to Stepping Stone Jack: Director’s Cut is in development.

Now, to the main subject. I’d like to show a very early preview to this sequel, called Stepping Stone Jack 2: Vigilante:

Keep in mind this is an early glimpse, which lacks polish.

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Another video:

Oi oi! Nice to see your creative juices’re still flowing! Liking the top-down part in the first video, maybe you could look into a staggered jump effect for the platformer levels, like…if you hold the button down Jack’ll do a real big jump, but if you just give it tippy-tap Jack’ll do a slightly shorter jump? Lots o’ control then, makes it feel a lil’ more intuitive!

Looking forward to seeing more from ya!

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