In The Land of Zero Gravity: Physics Based Arcade game

I have published a new physics based game. Mostly physics to control the objects gravity, up and down and certain features. The game has three in the series

*Full Version [free]
*Upsee Town [Paid]

Links are down below, more info on the game page:
In The Land of Zero Gravity Demo by Ansel games [demo]
In The Land of Zero Gravity [Full Version] by Ansel games [free]
In The Land of Zero Gravity Demo by Ansel games [paid]


did 1st stage then 2nd
cannot pass 3rd stage and do not understand it

can a less harder stage be put before that stage
or some tutorial

after passing 1st stage, can it go to 2nd level by itself without player having to click on next
is this meant for mobile, icons are so big

About the third stage it is one of the easiest stages to be sincere. You just need to either wait for a chance to move straight forward or find the safest way possible.
A less harder stage can’t be put sorry
No it is a full windows game. Sorry about the icons, its because of the tweening effect on the scale
You can rate the game because it will really help

I really like the concept and it is fun to play for a minute, but it seems like most of the levels can be beaten by holding down right and jumping repeatedly. Nothing wrong with that, I just think there is potential for more. Were you inspired by the game Mosa Lina? I’m getting that vibe. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. It does physics platforming very well and goes in some very interesting directions.

I have never heard of the game by Mona Lina before but I’ll check. Also the game mechanics are pretty hard, I don’t think holding down the right and pressing jump will work well from level 9 and above. But thanks for the feedback

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Gotcha. To be fair, I didn’t play past level six, so that very well may be true. I think you’ve got something interesting and unique going on with this concept. I’d be excited to see what you do next. And I’ll play through the rest of the levels when I have an opportunity to. Keep up the good work!

I am so happy for the good comment on the game. If you actually play through to the final level leave a rating if you can. Thanks

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w/e is this "tweening effect " cant be fixed in gdevelop?

so when everyone else make games, we’ll also have this problem?

that stage is too hard, maybe its not hard for u cos u made it and know how this game works

its confusing, i also tried it multiple times
if a different stage cant be added, next version in future of anything could be designed so its not confusing

The level 3 is one of the easiest. The guy above passed it so it’s not only me. Look for another angle. try moving to the side and wait for the blocks to lower down then go at high speed and accuracy towards the stale block