In the new version of GDevelop, the "display curtain" function has disappeared when exporting to android

In the new version of GDevelop, the “display curtain” function has disappeared when exporting to android.
I don’t know from which version, if it’s important, I can find it, the problem is that on modern phones the camera and a set of sensors are installed in the form of a cutout or “eyebrow” on the screen, and before everything was fine, the application itself moved the content away from this a cutout so that the elements of the application do not overlap, in screenshot 1 my old application in the old assembly, there is a black field in the upper part of the screenshot and it should be so, in screenshot 2 this field is not present, i.e. the camera and sensors overlap some of the application elements, it shouldn’t be like that, what do you think, can this be fixed somehow?
And yes, this is not exactly a bug, but not a future feature either, this feature was already in previous versions.


Hard to say if this is a good thing or not, having a black bar doesn’t feel great either. :thinking:

Some big changes were introduced in v140, including Android SDK update. Could it be related? In which case, maybe it’s out of our hands.
Knowing which version introduced this change would help the devs a lot, indeed.

My phone doesn’t have this “eyebrow” thing, can’t help much with that issue.

Yes, most likely it started with version 140, is it good or not it depends on the application, I would like there to be some action that could turn this feature on or off

In the phone settings there is a cut “eyebrow in some programs”, the default is “auto” but you can change it to “always show” so, on applications exported to version 140, when “auto” is on, a black bar is displayed, and you can turn it off by clicking on “always show”, and since version 140 the black bar is not displayed and cannot be turned on

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Thanks for checking, I have forwarded the information to the devs.

This is called notch, as far as I understand there are some cordova plugins to solve this problem. Cordova Notch Plugin оr something like that

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