Inconsistency in collision of sprites in different scales

I have a problem. When I scale a sprite of 64x64 pixels to a size x3 bigger (192x192 pixels) the collision doesn’t work however in whatever other scale the collision works. It’s a diagonal collision with default system (detecting borders)

In normal scale (white cube) of whatever another scale the collision is detected:

In x3 scale the collision is not detected:

I need that collision works please. Thank you!
Isn’t this a Gdevelop bug?

EDIT: thank you for moving the thread to the appropriate section

I have continued investigating and in reality the bug is not related for scaling sprites although it is the way in which I discovered the bug. The bug happens in a collision between a sprite 64x64 pixels and a sprite 192x192 pixels regardless of the scale they have. The border colision in the diagonals are not detected.

This for me is a bigger problem and it will be very difficult for me to manage this situation.