Indian on board ! Help needed.

Hello everyone :laughing: ! I am really a noobie kinda noobie. Just finished creating the platformer game, very nice tutorial it was. I am from India (of course) and 16. Know C++ on an internidiate level. Now, well, I’ve got a question. Jumping straight into it, what is the best sprite size (in pixels) for a native windows game? I want the sprite to have a retro pixel kinda look, and I want it high resolution but along with the retro effect. Can anyone suggest me anything? :smiley:

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Hi Tadbot88, welcome to the forum.

Concerning the sprite size there are always pros and cons.
If you use the original size of the sprite and let the game camera zoom in on it both the filesize of your game and the amount of video memory will be kept low. But you can get problems at design time when trying to select very small images with the mouse or choosing the right sprite for an animation. ( the animation editor dialog unfortunately has no zoom support but the scene editor does ).
For pixelart games I’d say choose a size that is as small as possible but still good to work with in the editor.