InkyBoy - Adventures on paper. Now on the Google Play Store

Hi all,

InkyBoy - Adventures on paper. Now on the Google Play Store!

I really enjoyed making this retro style platformer using GDevelop5. I have no coding experience therefore found the Event Editor a really useful tool.

Download and Play

Promo video here.

Thank you.



Hello Jack !

I would be really happy to test your game, it looks like really cool and original. But i have an issue : no button to install it, i just have a disclaimer : “this product is not available in your country” (france).

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Same here (United Kingdom)

Congrats on the games it looks nice! :blush:

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really looks great
I get the same message not available in my country

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Hi all

Sorry for the lack of response from me. I made this in my spare time and have been busy with other things. Thanks so much for the replies. This is an issue 1 other friend had which I think I have now fixed if you would all like to try the download again. I will monitor this thread more now and try to fix any issues.


hi no more messages just only now asks for 1’09€

Hello, yes that is the price of the game (99p) in the UK. As no ads or pop ups.