Insert events from other computer

Good day fellow gdevelopers!
I have created a guild now, i mean a team. sorry
My question is.
Is there a way to insert events to another computer?
lets say, i have created a list of events and i want it to be inserted to my friends events.
Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Wondering why did you made the mistake intentionally :laughing:

In theory you can use external events and you can save your project as a folder project, in that case all external events are going to be saved in to individual files and you can simply just copy and move external events between folder projects and you can just simply Link external events anywhere in the project. But at the moment it doesn’t really work. At least last time I tried, it didn’t. I have reported as a bug I believe and Victor mentioned something about going to add an Import option, but not a word since…

The only way you can make it work if you create an external event and then replace it with the one you want to import.
The other option is to open both projects and simply copy/paste the events.