Inserting sprit bug (3.6)


I am beginer testing Gdev 3.6, when I open a new project and add a sprite to it I cant see the new sprite, I can select it if I do a selection box big enough but even trying to resize it makes thing even worst, this does not happen in 3.5 (which I reinstaled)

On Linux Mint (mate) 17.1 64Bits

Hope it helps.


Are other objects working ? (text objects…)

Could you also post a screenshot of the issue? :slight_smile:

So I did reinstaled it, just to take the screenshoot, but this time it seems to be working ok :confused: . Weird because I did tried to reinstall before, but the error persisted, this time it did not, unless there have been any small update (because I downloaded it again I dont know what happend).

Thanks anyway, sorry for the trouble .