Instance Panel

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but…

  1. It doesn’t seem possible to move or resize the Instance panel like you can with the others
  2. You can only scroll down so far before it won’t let you anymore - is there supposed to be a limit?

Can’t reproduce it, I have created lots of instances and the instances list increases as well:

No idea about the resizing, maybe there was a redesign for other panels and it was not ported to the instances panel.

Holy crow, that’s a lot of instances :astonished: It seems to happen for me after less than that. I can scroll down a bit, but after a certain point, it won’t go any further although there are still objects past that point. The attachment shows that the Z order of my blue shield is 80, but it won’t let me scroll past the purple shield, which is 79 - that blue line at the bottom is where the blue shield is selected. I was only able to select it from the canvas part or whatever it’s called, just barely from the instance list. This becomes more of an issue with objects that are beyond that.

And I don’t think the Z order matters much since it doesn’t change the actual amount of instances.
Note: There actually isn’t 80+, some numbers were skipped for whatever reason.

ETA: I’ve tried changing the Z orders, but items after a certain (unknown) point will still be hidden beyond the panel’s ability to expand/scroll.

This is still an issue.

ETA: Not that I expected a fix right away, I’m just updating to let you guys know it continues to be a problem. Although I did manage to unlock the item below.

I have a locked object, which I cannot unlock by right-click (and it isn’t occluded by another object), nor can I reach it in the instance panel because the scrollbar will only go to 136 and the object that I need to unlock is 137.