Instead of developing custom game uploading service...

I’d like you to try to strike some sort of deal with popular Flash/HTML5 game portal like Kongregate, Newgrounds or some other. If it wouldn’t be too expensive, it’d save you from making custom (and possibly less popular) portal, the only thing you would need to code would be uploading code.

How about it?

The custom game uploading service that will be present in the next version, besides being useful for beginners to rapidly send their games online and also being useful to strengthen the community (and to strengthen my motivation to continue to develop GD), it is also a proof a concept that could be used to show to Kongregate/Newsground/GameJolt how uploading could be handled and how nice it would be. :slight_smile:

Really? Cool! But you really should consider striking the deal, as “game portals” related directly to one tool or another are only used by devs using said tool. Happened with Game Maker’s Sandbox, happened with Stencyl’s gaming service, probably will happen with your as well.

omg this would be absolutely awesome!