internal genre question

can i make a game with more than one “game type” in it? for instance, a platformer, at the end of the first “platformer” level i want it to go to a “racing” level, to follow the story or whatever, then go back to a “platformer” level after that? i dont need to know HOW to this, just IF its possible with Gdevelop? thx <3

Lv.1 platformer
Lv.2 topdown racer

Sure, you can do different types of games per scene easily:
In the first scene use objects, behaviors and events to make a platformer game, when you compete this level use the action to switch to the second scene. In the second scene add objects, behaviors and actions to make a space shooter, and put an event to switch to the third scene when finished. And so on :slight_smile:

wow that’s awesome, so much fun potential!

GDevelop never “knows” what sort of game each scene is supposed to be, it just processes a bunch of objects, using a bunch of conditions.

Choosing the platform game template doesn’t lock you in to that sort of game, it just sets a few things up at the start to make it easier and quicker to get going on the level design. The fact that you can switch the platform behaviour on/off on individual objects shows that it is only at the object level that GDevelop considers something to be “platform”.

Each scene is independent of the others (which is why global variables are necessary sometimes) so while each scene will often be the next level of a platform game, there is no reason at all why each scene couldn’t be a completely separate game with different controls, scoring system, health system etc.