Intro and the mysterious case of the disappearing images

Greetings GD community. I’m a full-time Physical Education teacher who many moons ago made some Flash games to help teach basic human anatomy, Whack-A-Bone and Poke-A-Muscle being my flagship games. I chose GDevelop for the re-make of the games (RIP Flash) as I wanted to continue with my business model of free browser games supported by ad revenue. I’m good at game design, art and sound, but coding does not come naturally, so GDevelop has been a great fit for me. I have managed to remake/revamp the games this year and am looking forward to pressing forward and making heaps of new games for the many body systems.
I’m in a unique position when it comes to beta-testing as I use my games with my own classes and can see how my users interact with the games. So I was pretty excited recently to have the newly completed Whack-A-Bone game tested out by a class. I’d ironed out most bugs I could find on my own over hundreds of mind-numbing hours, but was prepared for there to be notes to take about adjusting the game design and flow. To my dismay, for 90% of the class the game loaded and played perfectly, but for 10% (3 students) there were inexplicable asset disappearances (a missing bone or label) which required a browser refresh to fix, but this is unacceptable especially if the glitch doesn’t appear until 20min into the game.
I’m at a loss to explain this. The errors are random and not repeatable and don’t appear to be related to code errors. The game isn’t outrageously big at 17MBs but I think trimming that down to below 10MB by making images 8bit should help the game load more reliably.
I’m interested in opinions about what might be going on and how I might be able to tackle the reliability of assets loading as intended. Should I be selecting “Always loaded in memory”?
Thank you, Ben

I’ve noticed this error sometimes too when using the browser version of GDevelop. I have I think reported the bug, but I’m completely clueless on why that’s been happening.

Should I re-ask this question in a different thread, or is it a case of “ah well, these things will always happen”?

Well it’s a bug that is known and acknowledged, but nobody has any clue why it is even happening and even less how to fix it.

Thanks for your input arthuro555. I’ll persist in trying to reduce the incidents of asset disappearances by making the games smaller and trying to make the game logic bullet-proof and maybe experimenting with the “Always loaded in Memory” option for each image (I’ve only seen opinions that this won’t help :disappointed: but I’ll try cos I’m desperate). Any other opinions out there? I don’t want to give up on GDevelop as it fits me so well, but obviously I can’t have educational games played over 10K/day glitching out 10% of the time.