Introducing "Den_er_da_hvid"

Hey everyone

My online name is usually “Den_er_da_hvid” and I live in Denmark.

I don’t have any background in programming or game art, so I can’t really help others in that (and may need a lot of help from others) but I am really good at solving problems, see alternative ways of doing things and understanding workflows from a users point of view -let me explain that.

I work currently as a consultant and help companies understand them self better, so they can find ways to become better. One focus is on mapping/drawing the workflow inside a company, so managers can see what actually is going on, and then give examples of ways to do things differently (solving problems, innovate).
I have also worked with innovation, helping companies with developing their products and business plan. -Maybee I can help people on the forum with this ?

What I want with Gdevelop…
Well, make games of course! But propably mostly Strategy/Building/Tower defence kind of games.

I would actually also like to make some simple software/ business tools, that it is more userfriendly than what I find on the marked, or dosn’t cost the better part of a spaceship.

-Just ask me.