Introducing Gdevelop+


This extension adds more functions and behaviors to Gdevelop 5, the extension is in PreAlpha 0.0.2.

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Konami Code by Giampiero
FlexBox by arthuro555
Change cursor if hover by arthuro555 and Bouh
FPS by Ahnaf30e
Discord Rich Presence by arthuro555
Show Hitbox by Emicraft noob

Congrats on your release.

As a general heads up, I reviewed your file, and the majority, if not all of it, appears to be identical to the original existing extensions you took them from, but you did not credit any of the authors.

It is generally considered poor form to not credit your sources when you make a new open source project, and I’d recommend you consider listing the author of each extension you put into your extension bundle.


Thx and I forgot credit to all the creators, the Credits They will be tomorrow in the file called Credits.txt

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I am a little confused.

You have just taken pre-existing extensions, put them into your own extension and are now releasing it as a single Gdevelop+ extension?

Putting aside the lack of credits to original authors, why would someone use this over just importing the original extension? This just feels like adding extra bloat to your project and running the risk of not having the most up-to-date version of the extension.


I forgot credit all the creators today put the Credits in Credits.txt

MMMM, yes and no, is a package of existing extensións, But there are original things like the behavior to show hitbox

Hello, Emicraft

I think your description is confusing :thinking:

All extensions add more functions or behaviors to Gdevelop 5. You’re showing it like it’s something innovative, but there’s absolutely nothing new. Your extension is like any other extension and you just compiled some extensions made by another users to it. So, I think a better description could be: “A package of existing extensions”. But I really find it pretty useless and why I think it Eiklahc has already explained.


please read this @Rasterisko

UPDATE GUYS, now the file Credits.txt I credit all the creators of the existing extensions

For me it’s not like something sooo innovative, it would be an extension type… 2 in 1, but there are also original things like the behavior to show hitboxes

Just to be clear, showing hitboxes is a native part of the game engine. There’s an action for it:


yes you can make without extensions but there will be more original behaviors that maybe can’t be done without extensions

And why would anyone want two extensions in one if they could have them separate and choose between the two or even have both? :thinking: That’s the point. Compiling extensions into a single extension will bring no benefit.

I hope that when you create your own extensions put them separately like the other extensions. It will be more useful for all of us to be able to choose which ones will be used in the project rather than having to install an entire package unnecessarily. :v::slightly_smiling_face:

And good luck!


To not install many extensions unnecessarily

To clarify, that’s not how it works. Because you are bundling a bunch of extensions together, your bundle adds unnecessary extensions a user may not need.

By using your bundle, by definition the users code will be bloated substantially more than compared to downloading the one or two extensions they want separately, even if they don’t use those events from your bundle.


On an unrelated side note, the GDevelop logo is not public domain and you cannot use it without permission of 4ian.

Also, the MIT license requires a copy of the full license text with the copyright of the author to be included with any redistribution, modification or whatever of the original software, and all extensions are under that license.

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oops D:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀