Introducing myself (AmonRay)

Hello everybody. My name is Remon (AmonRay is my handle). I have been using Gdevelop for a few weeks now and made my first game. I stumbled in my search to realize an online version of my own board game on this game engine. Ever since my regular job has come to a standstill I am wanting to find work as a programmer/developer again. I have experience in system administration and programming on the IBM AS400 (CL and RPG) platform and am getting to know and love Linux at the moment.

Seeking work and I would love it if one day it could be a genuine full time job to do this. Learning Java script is next on the agenda. The last few weeks I came to really love Gdevelop as a tool for creation. My game Elements Online is now running at GameJolt and I hope to be able to enter it into the play store very soon. Game Jolt - Games for the love of it

I would love to collaborate on projects in the future and have tons of ideas myself too. As every creator must have :-). I hope to find fruitful partnerships here and off course lots of fun too.

The last few weeks where very educational and entertaining at the same time. Thanks a lot for a great tool.



This seems interesting. I’ve looked the video, but I don’t understand because it shows only one move out of context. How does the strategy work?

Four players each have to defend one color(Element). Every turn you get to move one stone on the board by placing it to an empty space or hitting another element if allowed. Then a randomly chosen element is placed on the board.

The strategy is that you work as a couple and individually as well. Fire and Earth against Water and Air. As they can not hurt each other. There are also four multiplier stones that can make the stone be worth more points. The strategy is to play a enemy stone badly for the enemy and your own stone as well as possible. It is quit simple and straightforward. The strategy become more complex at the end of the game when all multipliers are also on the board. You get to only play single turns so the video is a bit out of context as a whole game play would take about 10 minutes to show. The rules are easy enough though. A stone is randomly selected, A stone is moved on the board and the randomly selected stone is placed on the board. End turn

Thx for your comment. Working hard on getting Gdevelop down at the moment this game helped a lot understanding many things about the engine.