Introducing Ripcord 2024

In 1985, my dad and I were both addicted to a public domain game on the Atari 1040ST called Ripcord. It was such a simple game, you just parachuted from a plane and tried to land on a target, but we couldn’t quit trying to get a perfect landing.

So, I’ve recreated Ripcord and modernized it a bit. It’s still in development — the ‘submit score’, ‘leaderboard’, and settings buttons aren’t functional yet, but the game is totally playable.

Your score is based on three things:

  1. Wind speed: higher winds mean higher scores.
  2. How long you wait to open your chute: the longer you wait, the higher the score, but don’t wait too long or the chute won’t open, and you’ll go splat.
  3. How close you get to the center of the target.

Wind speed is the smallest influence of the three, so don’t feel like you have to get max winds (25mph) to get a high score. How long you wait to open your chute matters more, and how close you get to the target matters most.

Here’s the current build if you want to give it a shot.


I’ve never played it, but this is pretty fun!

For some feedback,
I wish the clouds didn’t visibly reset its position after every try, which means you would need to initialize the scene without using the change scene action.
It would also be nice to be able to retry quicker (have the start screen pop up, that is)

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I’ve got the title screen done, and I’ve done some polishing. The ‘How to Play’ and ‘Options’ screens aren’t done yet, but the game is fully playable, and the leaderboard works (there’s no confirmation popup when submitting your score yet).


Simple, but good graphics, sound effects and playability! I love when he screams!

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Thanks for the feedback. Did you recognize the scream? It’s the famous Wilhelm scream. I thought it would be funny to use it, hehe.

I’ve made some improvements since that last upload:

  • Bigger character (it was too small for mobile, I think)
  • Bigger landing pad
  • Jumper’s arms and legs flail before splatting
  • Mute button
  • Wind sounds (the higher the wind, the louder the wind sound)
  • Clouds revamped vector style
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Now with screen transitions.

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Ripcord 2024 is now live on!

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I added night mode! Click the sun to switch to night mode, then click the moon to switch back to day. =)

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Adding dark mode to your game? You’re on fire!
I would suggest adding an overlay to make the grass darker as well, but leaving the white X alone.