Introducing the GDevelop Collective

Hello everyone!
Today, I want to share with you all a project I’ve been working on that’s very important to me: the GDevelop Collective.

The GDevelop Collective is a platform to host crowdfunding of community projects, like extensions, template, GDevelop features…

If you have a project, you can get it added to the collective to get funding for necessary expenses or simply to pay for your time spent working on these projects, in exchange of releasing them for free & under the open source MIT license, like GDevelop. Click here to apply!

If you are a community member that want to sponsor awesome extensions and projects, you can donate eithernto the individual projects or to the collective, which will distribute the donations across the different projects.

I’m personally donating 15 euros ($16) every month, and I am not the only backer. We currently already have >$260 in yearly budget already with 2 backers, even just a 5 dollar monthly donation will go a huge way!

You can learn more by reading the introduction blog post on the Collective page:

I’ve carefully written exhaustive rules, have gotten approval and cooperate with 4ian as a co-admin, and made the money be held by a US and EU recognized non-profit to create a fully safe environement fir the funds to be 100% safe that they may only be used for community projects as intended, and prevent abuse & extortion of the collective.

Thanks a lot to anyone that contributes, either financially to the collective or by creating an awesome community project :heart: The GDevelop Community rocks :metal:

~ Arthur


That’s amazing !
I was looking for a way to support what i do for GDevelop so it’s a great opportunity. I already have a Ko-fi page but having a plateform with crowdfunded projects is neat to always fit the Community needs !

Great job, as always !


This topic seems to be very relevant?

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Edit: Glad to see this pinned. I wish you a lot of success with this! :slight_smile:


The rive support is actually pretty good