iOS exporting info

Just a quick question: If my goal is only to export a game for iOS (which does not include the whole publishing process for the App Store), how hard would that be? Is the one-click packaging as the name suggests and I simply get all the files needed with ease?
I’m also aware that the Gold subscription is a requirement for an iOS export.
Anything else that I should know coinsideirng the goal?
Thanks in advance!

Hi, so I haven’t fully done this myself (exported to iOS), but I see a couple of things…

The first is that the Cloud (Gold) iOS export is, as I see it, more for someone looking to submit their game to the Apple app store. This does require an Apple Developer account to submit there. As for whether you can utilize the Cloud build without a developer account, I’m not sure. I haven’t checked.

But then I also see a Manual Build as a possible selection when you go to export your project and select iOS. I think that this option in particular is worth exploring, and that it probably doesn’t require buying a Gold subscription. So I’d kind of look into that (if you want).

Like I said, I don’t know all the steps for exporting (I don’t currently have an iOS device on hand), but I feel there can sometimes be multiple steps to either option. Like with the “one-click option”, I feel there can be a few more steps than just a few clicks.

Another thing I thought I’d mention is that GDevelop should work with iOS without exporting anything. It’s when you go to export the game, that packaging it might have a few extra steps.

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Yeah, I do think it’s kind of a mess of a subject in my opinion. It’s a new feature (the one-click packaging) so I don’t expect a ton of info. The thing is, somebody else will publish the game on App Store for me. I just want to know how to get the necessary files through GDevelop that I can then transfer forward.

I’d say if you trust them with the GDevelop file, just give them that and they can take it from there.

You can usually save the file by clicking “Save as…”

Otherwise though… I’d look at the Manual Build option.

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I appreciate the suggestion, however they never worked with GDevelop before, so it’d be even harder for them to do that than for me.
Not only that, I want to have that info so I can be ready for future situations, whatever they may be.

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Sounds good. I added a line to the bottom of my previous post.

I think the Manual Build option would issue the files to be wrapped or built.

I’d just kind of look into it. The Gold subscription does have some neat features, I just didn’t want to go recommending it until you had a chance to look at the Manual Build option.

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Yeah, but while that is an option, I think that’ll be much more complex, and I don’t have a lot of free time to play with that unfortunately… That’s why this one-click packaging is interesting to me.

I have a silver membership and export for iOS. I use Apache Cordova to build the apps. I just follow the documentation on the Apache Cordova site. It’s pretty straightforward, just a few command lines. Also, Cordova is free. I think I installed it via Homebrew.

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Yes the lack of any useful video tutorials for this payed iOS one-click exports feature is very annoying.

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