iOS IAP in GDevelop

I am currently deciding whether to use GDevelop or Construct 2 for my game and GDevelop looks better to me, however I can’t find any documentation regarding adding in-app purchases for iOS or even for including ads. Does GDevelop have a method for doing this? It’s kind of a deal breaker if it doesn’t :frowning:

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I believe Gdevelop doesn’t have those features currently. You might can make an ad with a sprite or something (assuming you had permission from the company) And construct 2 forbids commercial use without a $429.99 licence so if you use construct make sure you got that :wink: but Gdevelop is free.

If you’re gifted with knowledge of c++ and js, you can write GD extension for that.

I really need this feature. For 4 years, IAP did not appear? Are developers not going to add this feature at all? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The thing is there are no developers, just 4ian is the official developer. The others are just people that sometimes on their free time code something for the engine. So basically if they want to add/fix something they do it and if they don’t well they won’t force themselves to develop them as they have no reason to do it. If you want this feature,learn Js and add it. Pretty easy I guess there are many Cordova extensions for that.

4ian also codes on his free time.
No one works full-time on GD because people have a job.
There is no full-time person assigned that’s why some requests are not made.
Dev develop things that seem useful and achievable to them and above all fun to integrate.

For my part i’ve coded video object, i report bugs & fix them sometimes because i can do it and i’ve time.
At the moment i’ve two other thing in working on GD, a interactive tutorial and improve group & comment block.

They are just 2 or 3 person coding GD. Sometimes 1, sometimes 4.

GDevelop is an excellent product, considering that 2-3 people created it. Please explain briefly what should I do to get the IAP plugin for GDevelop?
For example:
1. Create some “Java script object” in GDevelop.
2. Download the Cordoba plugin: GitHub - j3k0/cordova-plugin-purchase: In-App Purchase for Cordova on iOS, Android and Windows
3. Edit it and paste into Gdevelop.

You would need the software git. Use got to get the source code using the shell command “git clone GitHub - 4ian/GDevelop: GDevelop is an open-source, cross-platform game engine designed to be used by everyone.”. If possible you should first fork it on GitHub then pull the fork. When you have the source, to add the Cordova plugin go to GDJS/Runtime/Cordova and there add to the manifest file the Cordova plugin. Then go to the source directory of the project and into the Extension folder. Copy paste the dummy extension or the admob extension. Rename the copy to the name of the extension. Rename inside the folder dummyextensiontools.js into <your extension’s name>tools.js. open it and delete everything inside. Now create a JS object with the name of your extension in gdjs.evtTools. Inside this o ject define all the functions (a function = an action or a condition or an expression) and use the documentation of the Cordova plugin to interface with IAPs . Then open JsExtension.js and look at how the extension is declared by default. Use this to declare your extension and all your conditions actions and expressions. You can delete the other files in the directory. Test it throughly and when it works flawless push it on your fork, then use the GitHub interface to make a pull request to the official GDevelop repo.

Thank you. I’ll try. Or I will ask programmers for help.

I think cordova is already included in the .apk with the android online build service.
Because i’ve used this JS code from this cordova documentation and it’s working.

:warning: Only for .apk for sure, but I’am not sure if cordova is really included during the build process, if someone can confirm me :roll_eyes:

//if btn volume up in down 
document.addEventListener("volumeupbutton", onBackKeyDown, false);

function onBackKeyDown() {

//set bg of scene in red 


I never said it wasn’t I said the plugin for the filesystem wasn’t

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