Is anyone actually making money from GDevelop based games?

Hi, I’m new to GDevelop and I was just wondering if anyone has actually had success at generating revenue from games/apps they made with GDevelop. I had a look at the games that are listed on the official site as being ones that are produced using GDevelop. They weren’t ones that I had particularly heard of, but maybe that is down to my own niavity.

I’m new to games making in general, although I have worked a little with Corona SDK before. If anyone has any tips about how to go about generating revenue, and could pass that on, that would be helpful. Also, is it possible to make a hit game using GDevelop?

I’m pretty sure that’s based on your creativity and programming skills.
As of for making money. Well I guess that depends on the game.

Yes, but making hit games is very difficult. It’s more about your own skills (programming/math/creativity/art)* than GDevelop.

*And maybe a little luck.

It’s very possible to make money with gdevelop.
I don’t think anyone has yet though because gdevelop is often overlooked.
Gdevelop is great, but when you google for game engines gdevelop is a few pages back.
Everyone usually jumps to unity or game maker first, but I like gdevelop best in my opinion.
The other software is good too, but not as quick and handy as gdevelop for me.

i believe that nearly Gdevelop will amaze everyone and will change the game industry forever if it continue in this way …

believe me !!!

  • to build something different with Gdevlop you don’t need anything except two things (logic and creativity ) !!!