Is best 2D vs 2.5D vs 3D?

Hi, in your opinion it is better to create games in 2D, 2.5D or in 3D. And what are the engines for 2D, 2.5D and 3D?

Depends on your game and experience.
2D is the most simple to do
2.5D and 3D can be very complicated depends on what engine you use and your experience.

GDevelop is fine for the most part, but being a HTML5 engine and free also has disadvantages, the best paid alternative if you need a native engine is GameMaker Studio in my opinion.
Clickteam Fusion is also very popular.
Of course there are more free options but those are not so great and do require coding:
Cocos Creator

001 Game Creator
RPG Maker
RPG In a Box
are the most simple solutions if you prefer no coding

Unreal Engine
Unity (2021 currently in beta)
are the best options for 3D.
of course there are others but they are not so good and require coding.


I agree with @ddabrahim 's list above.

As this isn’t related to GDevelop or a “How do I” question, I am going to move this to the open topic section in the community forums.

Edit: For 3D I would also mentioned CopperCube if only because it is one of the only 3D engines that allow for game logic with a full no-code solution.