Is gdevelop completely free to use?


Is gdevelop completely free to use? or just the basic version is free and it has splash screen?


GDevelop is completely free to use, the engine itself is MIT licensed. The only thing not is the GDevelop logo and name.

There is an optional subscription that helps support the dev team. There are 3 major things that the subscription currently gets you:

  1. It increases the amount of exports you can do on the external online build server. This build server is not part of the engine, and there are costs to maintain it use, so the subscription helps cover that. You can build locally (on your desktop PC running Windows/Mac OS/Linux) infinite times without a subscription.
  2. It simplifies the method of disabling the GDevelop logo on the loading screen. The Loading screen itself is required since that’s when your game loads all of its resources. You can disable the GDevelop logo by modifying your game’s exported source code. The subscription allows you to do this via a toggle in the engine settings.
  3. It removes the “please consider subscribing” popup you see when first using the debugger. Even without a subscription you can still click “Continue Anyway”, there is no limit on debugger usage.

To clarify, there is already a button to disable the GDevelop logo in the UI, it just doesn’t let you uncheck it without subscribing:

Yes, thats the “simplifies” portion I was mentioning above. You can still disable the logo after export. There’s info elsewhere on the forums around how.

But I think it should be said on your site before the user downloads gdevelop.
Not after creating a project, he understand!

The site says the engine is free and can be used for profit and non-profit games. This is accurate even with all of the above in mind.

There are no caveats to “you can make games for free and use the games for profit”, so I don’t think there’s any verbiage that needs to be changed.