Is it okay to post a bounty on Bountysource?

Hey all,

I really love using GDevelop, and want to see it to continue to grow. Unfortunately, I am out of practice with Javascript and C++, so I cannot contribute myself.

Some of the features that I direly wish for but are currently not available are the"TileMap and TileSets" support, and multiple canvas with sizing support.

With that in mind, I have interest in posting a bounty somewhere to have more people come develop them, as the awesome contributors are already plugging away at other higher priority items. (The new filters on the layers are so rad, thanks for putting those in)

I saw that 4ian had used Bountysource once before. Is it okay if I post a bounty there? Is there a more preferred place to post bounties? (are they allowed at all?)

Separately: Is there somewhere I can actively donate towards GDevelop? The subscription stuff is fine but I was looking at more like lump-sum donations. :smiley:

Thanks all.


Yes, it’s perfectly fine.
You can make it on Bountysource and share it here (in “feature requests” or “bug reports”, depending on the request) then share it on Github too, since it’s the meeting point for devs (I can forward on Github if you don’t have an account there). That’s a great way to donate to the project and make it progress.

There is no direct donation outside of the subscription, don’t ask me why. I see it has been requested several times over the years, and I’ve asked for it too.

Offering rewards for a GD game jam would be another nice way of getting rid of all that extra money you seem to have :sweat_smile: while making some publicity for GD to attract both users and coders.


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Thanks Gruk.

While I definitely wouldn’t say I have too much extra money, I definitely want to use what I have to help push. :smiley:

I’ve asked about if Support for Tilemaps objects (tilesets and Tiled files) · Issue #503 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub can be reopened so I can use it to post a bounty on Bountysource. If not I’ll create a new issue and repurpose @blurymind 's original post.

4ian reopened the issue, and I’ve posted the bounty: Bountysource