Is it possible to create a circuit simulation game in Gdevelop?

Hello everyone! New to Gdevelop here.
I have this school project and it requires me to create a simulation for circuits. I’ve already studied the basics of Gdevelop interface but I’m just wondering if it’s possible to create a circuit simulation game, where you can put resistors, capacitors, other electrical components etc., on a breadboard and calculate stuff like the power, ampere, volt and ohms.
Thank you!

Ps. Please excuse my english as it is not my first language :")

games like this have been already made with Gdevelop and there is nothing about them that would be a problem for the engine. However, as far as I know there is no example project or template for such a game which means that you have to come up with all the details yourself.

Here is a circuit game made with Gdevelop for inspiration (there might be more):

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It’s an interesting concept. It can be done but would definitely be difficult. I’d love to try it with custom (prefab) objects as the various components.

I can’t imagine making a simulator that allowed random circuits to be built though. That would be incredibly complex.

Maybe, a simulation of 1 simple circuit with only the needed parts and. More like a puzzle or a demonstration or interactive diagram than a simulation.

I don’t know. It would be difficult.

Edit: what type of components? Logic gates or things like resistors and transistor?

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Thank you!! I’ll take your suggestion into great consideration. I really appreciate the reply!!

And yes, I meant to say Electrical components like resistors and transistors etc.,

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Thank youu!! I’ll check the game out.
I really appreciate your help and response!

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