Is it possible to extract pictures from tilesets in game?

Hi, I am a total beginner. To start learning GDevelop, I download some free assets from Itch.

For character sprites and background assets on Itch, always it is in the form of “tilesheet”. As I understand, GDevelop does not support “tilesheets”. So, I need to manually split up all the tiles into individual PNG files?

Is there any way, within GDevelop, that i can extract just the tiles i want to use?

Thank you very much

You can try Split image online just upload you spritesheet and select how many blocks you want.
Also you can do this with shoebox
Check here for more tools Resources [GDevelop wiki]

If you have the time, you can also just import the sprite sheet into piskel and crop it for each frame.

If your animation is all in a single line/frame/etc, you can also import that sprite sheet.

Thank you for the advice. I will try it, thank you

For now, i have found a method i find convenient:

  1. open ‘edit with piskel’
  2. open my tileset in MS Paint
  3. copy from MS Paint
  4. paste onto Piskel

So this way, i can easily select just the tiles i want to use.