Is it possible to get argument instead of variable name in extension?

So in short of it i am trying to create save load extension
And i want user to be able to manually input variable name they want to save
And so far i have this

Where MySave is variable name
But whatever expression i put there instead like you see in action above i am trying
It just don’t work

I did even try _PARAM1_ with no luck

Is there some way to let use in that spot what user input in action?

They recently added some new features. If you setup a parameter as a scene variable (last in the list of parameter types) You can then set another variable to the that variable using copy variable to function parameter under [other] conditions [Event functions]

This only works with scene variables but it seems to work with all variable types like arrays and structures. There’s also an action to do the reverse.

For a global variable, I think you would need to use JavaScript.

The name of the actions are a bit cryptic.

GlobalVarToJSON take a variable name, not a string.

That would be perfect solution for me
Since i could use scene variable instead and use parameter instead of name then my only problem to solve would be converting scene to global variable
But that again require using ToJson conversion

@MrMen i learned that the hard way and it is sad
I only need to shove in there something