Is it possible to hide progress text when start game?

It is as I said in title, is it possible to do it?
The progress text always show when we start the game, I find it kinda annoying

I tried to read the documentation but can’t any infomation about it :frowning:

There are some topics about the code behind the loading screen:
Where is the file: [url]How to customize loading scene? - #4 by Lizard-13]
Modified examples: [url]Some improvements: Virtual keyboard on mobiles & preloader - #4 by ricardograca]
Example of a custom loading screen: [url]Custom Screen Loading (HTML5) - #3 by Freetalent]

Basically you have to comment (//) the line where the text object is added to the pixi container (loadingScreen.addChild(text) or something like that) :slight_smile:

Finally, Thanks dude :wink: