Is it safe to upload and publish a commercial product with GDev's built in feature?

I threw a ton of money and effort into using GD to make a dream come true, and I guess my last issue is the privacy and security of uploading the game to be published automatically by GDevelop. Not that I don’t trust it, just want to make sure I have all bases covered!

Is it totally safe and private? Thanks again guys!

Don’t know how secure GD is, but finally it is a web game.
Therefore it is not so difficult to get the source and assets of it.

What do expect of it?

Technically speaking the online build service is completely separate from the engine, just linked within it and the upload process made simple. (The online build service is a separate project and isn’t included with the main engine source code, if I remember right)

As far as safe, it is hosted on AWS and should be secure unless your account password on your side is comprimised.

That said, you could always delete your builds from the build lists if you are concerned.

Or if you still have concerns after that, you can just build manually following the instructions on the wiki.

There are no guarantees to you or anyone using that external build server, so it is always possible someone could compromise AWS and get the data, but thats not really any different than someone compromising your PC ans getting the data.


Or if you still have concerns after that, you can just build manually following the instructions on the wiki.

I will probably go with this path. Thanks so much for your responses. Working with GD is a dream come true, honestly I can’t thank the devs and admins enough.

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Also one more question, if I used the online build service, how do I delete the builds from the server?

Thanks again!!!

Interesting, I’m still learning about this and trying not to spam the forum…

I guess when the game .exe file is launched, or even launched from Steam, this counts as players and is collected from an internal service in the game itself? Pretty cool, actually.

Not really related to your original post, but yes, by default your games are linked to your gdevelop account, so you get anonymous metrics back.

You can always disable that by putting the enable/disable network metrics action in the first scene of your game.

So when I launch the game myself, that counts towards players? And by that definition I guess it will track Steam players too?

As far as I know it tracks any launch of the built game.

Incredible. Thanks so much.