Is possible to use only java script?

Ok so I really wanna use gdevelop because I have hard times staying on projects for long periods of times and wanna be able to quickly make games. But Im personally not big on gDevelops style of visual scripting. And rather use actual code. So could i use only java script?

Could you? Absolutely. Should you? I can’t answer that question. I love Gdevelop and I use some JavaScript but I don’t know if it would be the best app for pure JavaScript. I don’t like the way it sometimes just locks up if there’s a syntax error. IDK enough about JavaScript to know if that’s normal.

I honestly don’t know how good it is for larger code. It might be optimized for small bits. Someone more knowledgeable would be better. I personally wouldn’t try just JavaScript but it’s still my favorite app at the moment.

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Can you? Yes. If you are an experienced Javascript dev. GDevelop’s Javascript API is documented with the expectation that you already know how to interface with it via javascript, and you will not really be able to learn Javascript by using GD5.

Is it recommended? Not really, but definitely doable.

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