Is the browser version or desktop version better?

I’m curious about how the two versions are different.
Seems like the exact same thing to me.

I guess desktop cos hardware acceleration?

You know this or are speculating?

nope it is just common sense.

Do you think your games may be runs better on your phones,ps5,steam deck or on your pc.? It depends mosts form your Vram and GPU power. like it happens for games
(thaz called hardware acceleration).
Gdev use hardware acceleration as standard on desktop…on browser u may need to enable it…if not you may notice some frame drops.
But from my experience everything should runs better on desktop than any other platforms…cos spec are greater…are u on a laptop?

P.S.= Sry i misinterpreted your question

The desktop version has access to local storage, Steamworks, preview over LAN…