Is there a counter for total number of objects in the Scene or whole game? (Solved)

If not then is there a way to find out anyother way

You can get the number of object instances on the scene or currently picked as a condition or expression.

You can either count one object or create an object group and get the number in the group.

The easiest way for either one is to start typing count and pick them from the list.

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Can you give the steps of how to use this condition (Number of object instance on the scene) and make it display on screen?

Conditions are not to get a value but to check or compare.

With this expression you can display the number of instances of an object.


Thanks It worked just had to rename the sprite to the sprite I wanted to count


can you tell, what to write so that I can add value of 2 or more different sprites

I think you can put objects you want to count to a group and use group name instead of object name