Is there a place where educators share their ideas and resources?

There is this page, but I think it’s only there to demonstrate it’s possible to use GDevelop for education.

I’m planning to make an GDevelop introduction as a volunteer. The educators seem to be interested by the idea and they said they even already done some activities with Scratch.
I think the really good resources for educators helped their choice:

I understand that Scratch aim a lot more on the educational side, but I think GDevelop can do really good in a creative/casual environment (I mean out of school activities) because it feels a lot more productive (thus motivating) than Scratch imho.

I did a presentation draft on a breakout like. I used the tutorial from the web-site as a base. I think it’s a good project to start because it’s quick to reach a working prototype and bonuses allow to make little but interesting increments.
The presentation is in French, but I’ll give the general ideas. The 1st part is a step by step in order to understand the interface. To break the monotony, I plan to make them run to the game, see what’s not working and explain or let people find a solution. For instance, to explain why the “stop” action is not enough and the action “Separate from” is needed. Or, asking to do a monkey test to realize that the key to launch the ball can be used at any time.
The same actions and conditions are often reused for a breakout so it allows to introduce the new ones and let people try and find the solution by them-self and ask questions.
Bonuses are a good way to let people be creative and brainstorm. This is also good for time-boxing because if there is no time to make them all, the game still works.