Is There a Way To Make a Game Launcher?

Hello Is There Any Way To Make a Game Launcher Because I Have To Export a New Build Of My Games Every time

Sure as long as you have a server to host the latest version and another file telling the current version. Just make one with GDevelop that checks the current version by getting the file from the webserver with the latest version and if the current version is not the newest then download the installer and run it. The firebase extension could help you with that, and it’s coming out soon :wink:

There are also lots of service that will do a launcher for you (for example or Game Launcher Services | Xsolla or Fully-customizable Game Launcher - PatchKit)

Else you could publish your game on a game platform that has a launcher and leave the entire work to them. The most notorious one is steam, but as it is so we’ll know and can be used as “advertisement”/marketing strategy you have to pay them 100$ and share all potential revenue from your game with them. If you need something free there is and Gamejolt.

I personally use Gamejolt as it has a nice UI, nice analytics and games published on it usually end up with more plays than the games I put on itch.

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Uh, So You’re Saying You a Launcher In Gdevelop 5 Can You So It For Me?

No. I like to help people but I am not their work for them. I gave you a ton of other suggestions in case you don’t want to code one yourself. Look into them :wink:

Ok, I Already Love One Thank You! I Give You Credit!